MISSION. Turning desires into reality. The luxury lab is dedicated to high quality products, it plans and develops the perfect shape to mirror your dream. An exclusive service which will make your dreams come true.
QUALITY. Excellence is what we work hard to achieve. We guarantee a constant commitment thanks to the use of our best human resources and most brilliant talents, a state- of- the -art technology, and the best materials.
HUMAN VALUE. It takes extreme care and dedication to make a dream come true. Our artisans’ skilled hands, inspired by the passion for a perfect job, can turn the most challenging and innovative projects into reality.

DETAILS. Luxury is like a charming dream, a wish, glamour. Luxury aims at perfection, care of details and uniqueness. Luxury demands enthusiasm, innovation skills, creativity, and our luxury lab can grant it all.
TAILOR MADE. Packaging defines the product’s identity. the luxury lab makes it attractive and unique realizing a perfect tailor made pack. the luxury lab is where design meets professionalism, competence and experience.
REFINEMENT. A constant communication with the customer, improvements and refining of the product during the design phase lead to the perfect tailor made product.

EXPERIENCE. Paper has been our world since 1963. We have come a long way since then, working day by day to offer the best packaging solutions to your products. We believe not only they need to be packed and protected but also valued at best.
TRADITION. Our path is enduring, relying on handicraft values and tradition, a strong passion supported by a needed and strongly desired technical innovation. A story lived side by side with the best European companies and the finest productions.
EXPERTISE. Day by day we listen to our customers who rely on our expertise. We shape their dreams granting the right visual identity to meet their needs. Our perfectly functional projects can impress and win any taste.

DESIGN. Satisfying every need and live the product as a real exclusive experience. Thanks to our creative labs and cross-functional workshops we keep on studying new and valuable solutions. Paper and board become the raw materials that shape your desires through exclusive and refined designs.
IDEAS. The core activity of the luxury lab is a very hard work of research and development. Creativity and design give us a daily boost, supported by the most advanced technology.
TRENDS. We have always paid attention to the newest market trends, and today we can offer insight, genius and ultimate solutions that can make a difference in the luxury product sector.

INNOVATION. Our experience in the folding carton field, together with our years-long experience and an important artisanal tradition allow THE LUXURY LAB to professionally combine handicraft and a modern industrial organization.
TECHNOLOGY. Our handicraft heart beats thanks to a technology that constantly supports us. It is an important instrument which takes us beyond our limits and leads us to win even the most difficult challenges.
SUSTAINABILITY. Environmental sustainability, ethic work, commitment to the total recycling of the products and social responsibility have always been our core values. They let us develop totally made in Italy products obtaining also relevant certifications, as a guarantee of our commitments to everybody’s future.